Why Choose EvexiPEL Pellet Therapy?​


EvexiPEL is among the leading choices for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the country. That’s because EvexiPEL provides practitioners and their teams the tools and support necessary to offer the highest quality experience in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy while growing bottom line revenue. From operational excellence training with business experts to top-of-the-line pellets from one of the country’s top-ranked pharmacies, EvexiPEL is transforming the practice of medicine.

Now you can do more for your patients and your practice with EvexiPEL.

What is EvexiPEL?

EvexiPEL is a way of practicing medicine. It is advanced training and education in hormone health and balance. It is the highest-quality ingredients from a top-ranked, FDA-registered pharmacy who uses sophisticated controls and intensive proprietary methods to create custom-compounded pharmaceuticals that have been shown to improve the patient experience and drive optimal outcomes.

An EvexiPEL certified provider is trained and educated—continuously—to understand the complexities of hormone balance and the ever-advancing field of hormone therapy. Each partner provider has access to the proprietary methods for lab analysis, patient assessment, and pellet insertion to ensure consistent results that ideally restore natural hormone balance for each patient.

What makes EvexiPEL Different?

Practitioners who want the very best choose EvexiPEL. EvexiPEL offers the advanced-level training and education, the highest-quality ingredients and methodologies, and is supported by the expertise of medical and business leadership from across the country.

Get the very best to give the very best with EvexiPEL.


EvexiPEL training and certification is led by medical experts who have vast experience and extensive training in hormone health and hormone therapy. Dr. Terri DeNeui is the founding practitioner and a nationally recognized expert in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Her work has led to the development of elevated treatment protocols that help men and women restore hormone balance relieving uncomfortable symptoms of aging, preventing common chronic diseases, and improving overall quality of life. She continues to learn and evolve her training and education programs to stay at the forefront of the industry and pave the way for the further advancement of preventive medicine.


EvexiPEL has partnered with FarmaKeio, among the top-ranked FDA-registered 503B outsourcing pharmacies in the nation.

At FarmaKeio, the team adheres to the most stringent standards for safety, cleanliness and current good manufacturing practices. Every product has the United States Pharmacopeia stamp of approval, which means it has been extensively tested and graded for purity and consistency.

Each pellet is created using a proprietary method of compression that delivers a consistent release of hormone throughout the entire treatment cycle regardless of the formulated dose. This feature ensures patients experience pellet therapy that closely mimics the natural hormone secretion process of the human body, thus reducing side effects associated with peaks and falls that occur during a typical treatment cycle when using other forms of HRT.

Using the controlled amounts of the key ingredient, triamcinolone, FarmaKeio’s hormone pellets reduce the risk of extrusion and have been shown to cause less pain and scarring at the insertion site.

Complete Solution

EvexiPEL is a complete set of solutions for your practice and your patients. As a partner provider, you will receive advanced training and education on hormone health, therapy and optimization. You and your team will be supported in managing the operations flow and marketing of your new service line, including tools, marketing materials, and onsite trainings.

As your partnership with EvexiPEL continues, so will your opportunities for continuous growth, education, and patient satisfaction. EvexiPEL is committed to helping you achieve excellence.

Getting Started with EvexiPEL

Ready to transform the lives of  your patients while also growing your practice? Get started with EvexiPEL! Complete the form below to learn more about becoming an EvexiPEL certified provider. You can schedule time to chat with one our expert Practice Development Specialists and review upcoming training dates at our headquarters in Southlake, Texas.

Don’t wait another minute to make this transformative decision for your practice and your patients. Discover the difference EvexiPEL can make in the lives of your patients and the health of your practice.

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