Why Did You Become a Practitioner?

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> To make a difference?

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> To heal the sick?

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Are you accomplishing those goals?

Are you helping your patients live happier, healthier lives?

If you answered no, it’s time to get back to the reasons you became a healthcare practitioner.

Identify the Root Cause

EvexiPEL is a proprietary method of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that stands out for making the patient experience more comfortable and improving the overall results throughout each treatment cycle.

EvexiPEL uses patented hormone pellets formulated with trace amounts of an anti-inflammatory and developed in an FDA 503B outsourcing facility. Each pellet is precisely formulated to ensure the purity and potency meaning you get the exact dose every time—no surprises. When paired with the EvexiPEL proprietary insertion technique, patients enjoy less bruising, a more comfortable insertion, and steady dosing throughout the treatment cycle.

The result is hormone optimization just as nature intended. Unlike other forms of hormone replacement therapy, pellet therapy mimics the natural secretion process of the human body. Patients achieve hormone relief and with the side effects and hassles associated with pills, patches, creams, and injections. Pellet therapy only requires an insertion every three to five months and once inserted, there is no need to remember to slather on a cream or take a pill each day.

What the Research Says

Contemporary scientific advancements have shed light on the pivotal role of hormones, acting as essential chemical messengers governing a plethora of bodily functions. A closer examination of research in the field of aging, particularly within the past decade, unequivocally underscores the heightened vulnerability to disease in individuals of all ages when facing imbalances in crucial hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

In a comprehensive 2023 review centered on estrogen and neurovascular disease, various studies converge to establish a compelling connection between declining estrogen levels—often linked to the onset of menopause—and heightened risks of debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and diminished cognitive function, primarily affecting women.

One noteworthy study, which saw publication in 2019 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, accentuates the multifaceted roles of estrogen and androgens in both men and women. This study embarked on the critical task of dispelling antiquated and overly simplistic stereotypes, branding estrogen as the exclusive “female hormone” and testosterone as the singular “male hormone.” Instead, it highlights their versatile and extensive impact across various organs and systems in both genders.

The research elucidates that these two hormones wield substantial influence in crucial aspects of human physiology, ranging from reproductive organs and brain function to bone health, cardiovascular health, and liver function. Notably, this perspective shift unravels that estrogen and androgens serve pivotal developmental and functional roles across numerous facets of human health.

This research further demonstrated the protective benefits of estrogen by concluding that among men, “Estrogen stimulation of bone or blood vessel cell functions preserves the integrity of the organ, preventing disease. In pathological states, such as prostate cancer, complicated actions mediated through different estrogen receptor isoforms underlie both stimulating and suppressing actions in the various cells that make up the tumor.” While among women, “In the brain, androgens may improve sexual desire and performance, most notably in women with HSDD. In bone, androgens regulate bone size, perhaps by controlling cancellous bone volume. In the uterus, androgens may regulate parturition by modifying myometrial contractility and cervical remodeling. . . In breast cancer, however, androgens may suppress growth when the ratio of AR/ERα signaling is low but may promote growth when AR/ERα signaling is high.”

This research underscores the multifaceted roles of hormones, especially estrogen and androgens, in the intricate tapestry of human health. The oversimplified categorizations of these hormones as gender-exclusive have been supplanted by a more comprehensive appreciation of their vital contributions to various physiological processes across both men and women. Moreover, the protective influence of estrogen in preserving organ integrity and preventing disease serves as a testament to the profound implications of hormonal balance on overall health and well-being.

How Do You Help Your Patients Achieve Hormone Optimization?

Change Your Approach
to Patient Care

Trillions of dollars each year are being poured into keeping people alive who cannot truly live and recognizing that many of the chronic diseases that plague your patients could be prevented with hormone optimization and guidance on lifestyle changes.

Recognize “Normal”
is not Optimal

It is not a “normal” part of aging to feel sick, tired all the time, anxious, moody, depressed or suffer from hot flashes, sleeplessness, or low libido. These are all symptoms of hormone imbalance. Hormones are vital chemical messengers responsible for nearly every function in the body.

Discover the EvexiPEL Method
of Pellet Therapy

Discover EvexiPEL, the comprehensive solution to these uncomfortable symptoms and supports mitigating markers of multiple major chronic diseases. However, as a practitioner, you should know—EvexiPEL is different from other hormone therapy and hormone pellet therapy organizations out there.

The EvexiPEL

The EvexiPEL Method of hormone pellet therapy is a proprietary insertion technique coupled with the patented pellet developed in a leading 503B FDA-registered outsourcing facility and created by Dr. Terri DeNeui (Founder of EvexiPEL) in response the common issue plaguing pellet therapy patients.

When the EvexiPEL Method and patented pellet formulation are combined, patients report enjoying a more comfortable insertion experience, including reduced pain, less bruising, and less scar tissue. The patient experience with EvexiPEL extends well beyond the insertion. The placement of the pellet and the pellet formulation allow for natural dosing with a steady rise and slow fall of hormone levels, promoting prolonged balance of hormone levels for the duration of each treatment cycle. This means patients do not experience peak hormone levels one week only to crash the next.

Practitioners and their patients prefer EvexiPEL because it truly is different.

Why Choose EvexiPEL?

The EvexiPEL Method is the flagship program exclusively offered by EVEXIAS Health Solutions. As an EvexiPEL Certified Provider, you can enhance patient care and grow your practice through advanced medical education and training from industry-leading medical practitioners, researchers, and scientists, as well as gain access to leading-edge therapies and technologies that support the prevention of disease and improve quality of life. Every EVEXIAS program is backed by strategic business plans and operational practices exclusively developed for private medical practices by top experts in business and medicine.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions is transforming healthcare.

Join the Movement.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions is revolutionizing the practice of medicine toward a preventive care model that positively impacts the lives of practitioners and their patients.